The famous Patchouli from Indonesia.

Native to Indonesia, this aromatic plant with broad leaves, about one meter tall, is dried and then distilled to obtain a powerful essence that is aged for several months. Patchouli gives off a vibrant scent, at once woody, earthy or even airy and camphorated.

You will understand, the richness of this mythical ingredient has become essential.

From the 70s to today.

This material has never ceased to fascinate. It owes its exotic fame to the 70s, during which it became a symbol of the freedom of the hippies.

In 1993, Thierry Mugler was the first to modernize patchouli in his famous "Angel" perfume. Patchouli will subsequently appear in many great fragrances for women and men.

Today modernized and brought up to date, patchouli is expressed in many modern and very luxurious perfumes, which makes it an essential ingredient and an essential pillar of contemporary perfumery. < / p>

The olfactory notes of patchouli.

Patchouli has a powerful scent, at once woody, earthy, animal, and dry with smoky accents. Patchouli has character but its notes become more and more creamy on contact with other ingredients such as sandalwood or vetiver.

Yes, patchouli goes majestically well with a large number of scents and especially with oriental and woody notes.

Discover the sumptuous Oud & Patchouli accord.

The precious fragrance Oud & Patchouli showcases a heart of patchouli from Indonesia embellished with oud, sandalwood, raspberries and incense, for an innovative fragrance that is already cult. A fascinating composition as feminine as masculine. This fragrance invites you to travel, between East and West.