The art of perfume, by Hemadi Luxury Oud.

Hemadi Luxury Oud invites you on a journey between East & West, by choosing your olfactory signature from the range of Precious Perfumes for body and hair, original compositions combining Oud & precious materials.

Discover the Precious Perfume & our advice on how to use it for perfect body movements.

What is a Precious Perfume?

Definitions of " precious perfume "

PRECIOUS PERFUME, subst. masc.

  1. A high quality fragrance of extreme utility. It is made of prestigious materials of great value.
  2. It allows a generous application on the body & the hair and offers a pleasant smell, a light & airy texture.
  3. Its composition is enhanced by a luxuriously designed glass bottle to take wherever you go, like a jewel to keep with you.

"A Hemadi Luxury Oud perfume is precious by its material, the way it is worked and its originality".

How to wear perfume?

Although choosing your fragrance is the first step in your olfactory journey, the perfume ritual is a daily gesture that we do not always master.

Discover the art of perfuming yourself in a few tips.

It is generally recommended to spray the perfume directly on clean, hydrated skin, and mainly on the pulse points: the neck, the back of the neck, under the lobe of the the ear, the hollow of the wrists or the neckline, but also the joints . Indeed, the perfume particularly appreciates these zones of heat, to release more sensuality, more power and so that the perfume adapts to your skin and becomes "your".

We advise you to adjust the vaporization of your perfume according to your wishes:

  • For a smooth trail, spray your perfume about eight inches from the pulse points.
  • For an intense wake, spray your perfume about two inches from the pulse points.

While your skin is an essential base for applying your perfume, you can also use it on your clothes to prolong your wake, as the fabrics retain odors for a very long time. But beware, this application still requires compliance with certain rules.

Indeed, all textile materials do not transcribe the notes of your fragrance in the same way . Therefore, we recommend that you favor an application on natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, cashmere or velvet, on synthetic fabrics (polyamide or viscose) which do not carry scents.

Perfume your hair, a clever & daring gesture!

Why has perfume your hair become essential?

There are several reasons why hair perfume has grown so much in recent years.

It is an ideal alternative to classic perfumes which can be aggressive for the hair fiber. Among these, we can mention in particular alcohol, or ethanol which at high concentration can be more drying.

Also, when the perfume wears off on the skin, it is more fragrant on the hair, where it does not mix with perspiration, and retains its scent intact. It takes on the same olfactory function, in just a few sprays, but above all with a formulation that is more respectful of the hair fiber.

Perfume your hair by depositing a veil of your favorite fragrance becomes a practical and fun gesture, and offers you a unique olfactory experience.

The advantages of Precious Perfume.

Yes, your hair is an integral part of your beauty capital, and even if shampoos and treatments fulfill their maintenance mission perfectly, their fragrance never lasts long The Precious Perfume is a three-in-one product, one ideal alternative for women and men looking for perfection.

The perfume applied to your hair offers three actions: it erases odors encrusted in your hair fiber. They can be linked to outdoor pollution, unpleasant odors , such as grease or tobacco. It nourishes and softens your hair without greasing it. Finally, it leaves its subtle scent for your greatest pleasure and that of those around you.

An irresistible product that you never tire of.

This new perfume ritual is a real hair "must-have" . The Precious Hemadi Luxury Oud Perfume is technically formulated not to dry out your hair, it adapts to any type of hair without weighing it down, your hair is full of fragrance, hydrated, and healthy. You can apply your fragrance directly to your washed and dried hair, after a brushing or during the day, by holding it about 20 cm away. For a more subtle result and a more harmonious application, you can apply it on your brush before styling your hair.

Turn heads with one flick of your hair!


The precious perfume is a olfactory jewel, a product of great fragility. It contains natural aromatic oils which can lose their odor if certain conservation rules are not respected.

These rules are simple, we recommend that you keep your perfume protected from light, heat and humidity.