Vanilla from Madagascar, a fragrant treasure.

Bourbon Vanilla, generously present in the collection of precious perfumes Hemadi Luxury Oud, grows on the island of Madagascar among the 3,000 other varieties of oldest orchids in the world.


These scent flowers give birth to green pods, freshly and carefully picked by hand during a rare seasonal harvest.

Then, throughout the maturation process lasting several weeks, the vanilla pods will turn brown and develop their scent so sought after by perfumers. The vanilla pods are crushed and undergo different maceration or extraction processes. A rich, suave, gourmet and sensual scent. 1 8 kg of pods are required to obtain 1 kg of extract. A result with a rich, suave, delicious and sensual scent.

Vanilla pods concentrate a precious nectar with a fatty, sweet and sometimes spicy smell. Widely used in oriental perfumes, vanilla goes perfectly with other fragrances such as rose , incense or oud.

Vanilla in perfumery.

It was when it arrived in France in the 16th century that vanilla won over perfume designers. This natural material brings together notes as varied as the molecules it contains. Vanilla is an ingredient kings that the creators do not do without! The fashion for vanilla perfume was launched thanks to Guerlain's "Shalimar" perfume, and then Yves Saint-Laurent will make it famous in perfumery thanks to its "Opium" fragrance.

Vanilla is mainly in the base note, in an animal trail, sometimes woody, powdery, gourmet, or fruity.

Oud & Vanille, the wonderful combination.

Associated with Oud wood, vanilla reveals its warm, sensual and hypnotic side. Vanilla softens the more raw and excessive notes of Oud. This fragrance deploys gourmet and woody notes, for a sensation and a dazzling smell. It is enriched with the sublime centifolia rose from Grasse or the sumptuous patchouli from Indonesia, resulting in a fragrance for women and men, irresistibly sensual, gourmet and tasty, for a perfuming ritual in all seasons!