The Rose Centifolia from Grasse, an absolute.

It is nicknamed the "hundred-leaf rose" or "the May Rose". Emblematic raw material of Grasse, it is a rose extraordinarily full of petals and exceptionally rich in fragrance. This precious and fragile flower is harvested the morning of its blooming, in May, to preserve all its freshness and richness.

Growing centifolia rose requires specific and unique know-how. If the flower is not harvested on the morning of its hatching, it is not usable. The distillation which will transform the flower into a perfume is carried out in the moments following the harvest, during processing, between 3 and 5 tonnes of fresh flowers will be needed to obtain 1 kilogram of essential oil.

The Perfume of the Rose.

The fragrance of the Centifolia rose is particularly rich, complex, is of unparalleled subtlety. It gives off floral, fresh, but also fruity notes.

The Rose and the Oud, a duality.

The harmony of these two emblematic ingredients of perfumery deploys fresh and smoky notes on your skin. An explosion of both floral and woody scents, in a surprising blend carried by precious ingredients such as sandalwood and white musk. This fragrance for men and women unveils a unique, mysterious rose in a new light.

Oud & Roses